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The essence of Khalil Al Sayegh Jewellers is the ability to breathe life into stones. For us, jewellery is the product not only of great craftsmanship and creativity, but also of profound emotions. Beautiful and timeless, our jewellery creations combine ancient traditions with natural materials through cutting-edge technology. With nature being the primary influence of the brand, we seek to reflect the beauty of the natural world in each of our fine diamond jewellery creations. From rare fancy-coloured diamonds to fiery Burmese rubies, Khalil Al Sayegh Jewellers seeks the finest natural stones that can be found and incorporates them into stunning works of art.

From the simplest to the most ornate, each Khalil Al Sayegh piece of jewellery reflects a passion for the unusual and a freshness of thought. Like nature, we do not believe in the repetitive or the formulaic. Myriad influences shape our thinking and are reflected in the uniqueness of our creations. The creative energy of Khalil Al Sayegh Jewellery emanates from the gemstone itself. Khalil Al Sayegh creations are simple, elegant and use the naked stone as the focal point. A team of gemologists have been carefully trained to procure such stones from all over the world. The gems are then hand-picked by a group of professionals composed of a senior gemologist as well as a designer. They are then re-cut to perfection before they result in an original Khalil Al Sayegh creation. Whether it be a cloud in the sky, dew on a leaf or the serenity of a sunrise – Khalil Al Sayegh Jewellers seeks to immortalize and perfect, irreplaceable moments of beauty.

In 2008, to help fuel the company’s international expansion Khalil Al Sayegh and Mohammad Ali launched a new brand, Aliel, under the umbrella of Khalil Al Sayegh Jewellers. Sweet sounding and sophisticated, the name “Aliel” resonates the heritage of the brand. “Leila” is the word created when one spells Aliel backwards. It is also the name of Mohammad Ali’s first and late wife. Mysterious, otherworldly and divine, Aliel thus takes after a woman, and women, for Mohammad Ali, play a vital role in the making of jewellery. A woman’s beauty and charm, like that of nature, are the muses for Aliel creations.

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History & Heritage

In Arabic, Al-Sayegh means “goldsmith,” a name that was chosen during a period in history when families in the Levant were named after their profession. It was indeed the proper title through which to backdrop what would become Dubai’s premiere fine jewellery stores. The House was founded almost 50 years ago by Ibrahim Al Sayegh, who soon after, passed the business down to his son Khalil Al Sayegh from whom the present store takes its name as Khali Al  Sayegh Jewellers and who remains the chairman of the company.

Mohammad Ali was named the Artistic Director of Khalil Al Sayegh Jewellers, and in collaboration with Khalil Al Sayegh, brought the company to the acclaim it receives today. Mohammad Ali considers gemstones to be nature’s most beautiful gifts. Together, they believed, that through sourcing the rarest stones in combination with precious metals, they could create unrivalled jewellery pieces for connoisseurs and lovers of the art. This quest for beauty, to create something through the pure and remarkable form of natural stones, is what has driven the House throughout the years rewarding it with a loyal customer following and progressing it to a universal and avant-garde brand.

Our Expertise

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Our Expertise


We have a talented multi-cultural team of designers who are united in their quest to create jewellery that is original and innovative. Our ability to harness the synergy and creativity of a global design team is one of our biggest strengths. The way our artists create a Khalil Al Sayegh piece of jewellery is exceptional. The team selects individual stones and begins by placing them on blank paper, letting them flow around on the page. When inspiration is found, an outline for a design emerges. Thereafter, the drawing of the piece takes place and is followed by the technical aspect of joining, fitting, movement and proportions.

We search the world for the most skilled craftsmen in the trade whether they are setters, model makers, or ‘carvers.’ Our master craftsmen have decades of experience and share a common passion for artistic originality and perfection. These talented individuals have formed a team of unparalleled fine jewellery makers producing some of the finest and most delicate pieces of art in the world of fine diamond jewellery. Through our cutting-edge facilities, skilled artisans and technology, we combine our exploration of diverse artistic traditions with the highest quality of craftsmanship.

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Our manufacturing facilities are spread across three countries, including Italy, Hong Kong and Thailand. In each location, the Khalil Al Sayegh design team collaborates with the other thus continuously renewing their creative spirit as well as staying abreast of global trends in design and fine jewellery manufacturing technology earning us great esteem from our clientele that include esteemed world personalities, members of royalty and fine diamond jewellery connoisseurs.

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Khalil Al Sayegh – leading jewellers in dubai offers the finest collections of precious stones. These range from important white diamonds to a beautiful array of rare fancy colored diamonds, fiery red Burmese rubies to emeralds from the old mines. Our procurement network spans the entire globe, working hand-in-hand with the world’s premier mines, auction houses, and manufacturers. In turn, Khalil Al Sayegh Jewellers produces startling creations using some of the world’s most beautiful gemstones, the brand goes even further through its artistic vision to merge the aesthetics of the West with those of the East. From the mine to the cutting of the stones and mounting them into jewellery, we steer the entire process from start to finish.

Creatively, we pride ourselves on our ability to make a variety of designs using the rarest raw material available. This allows us to create unparalleled masterpieces that have rarely been seen in the world of fine jewellery. Beginning with the sourcing of rough diamonds our master cutters, working hand-in-hand with our gemologists, plan each facet of the gemstone to ensure we are able to unlock the maximum amount of beauty and brilliance from each and every angle. This results in each and every stone being as special and unique as the piece of jewellery it will eventually adorn.

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